UK and Ireland Zine Librarians was initially set up in 2015 as a JISC discussion list to share resources, advice, and provide support for anyone working with zine library collections. The group was established to bring together the small but growing number of people in the UK and Ireland working with zines.

UIZL is open to anyone working with zine library collections regardless of qualification, job title, professional status, or type of zine collection. As well as the discussion list we also have a facebook group and twitter to continue to the discussions and share news and info. Since 2015 we’ve shared advice regarding building collections, storage, and access, we’ve created a collaborative zine together to promote our zine libraries, we’ve set up zine donation stalls at UK zine events, and we’ve organised meetups.

There’s still lots we want to do. If you currently work with a zine library collection or you’re thinking of setting up a zine library then join the discussion groups or facebook groups for advice, resources, and to share your experiences.