Contribute to the next issue of the UIZL zine

Calling all UK and Irish Zine Librarians!

We want your contributions for the next UIZL zine which is all about cataloguing.

UIZL zine

Our first zine was published over 2 years ago and featured a glimpse into the UK and Irish zine libraries landscape. As we discussed in the last London UIZL meet-up, we want  the next issue of our collective zine to focus on cataloguing.

Whether you currently catalogue or list zines in your library or not we want to hear from you. Tell us how and why you catalogue or don’t catalogue and contribute your stories to the next UIZL zine!

There are no right or wrong methods when it comes to zine librarianship, and by sharing our own stories and examples of cataloguing/listing zines we can find support, validation, and inspiration for maintaining our zine collections.


Want to contribute but not sure what you want to say? Here’s a few prompts to get started:

  • Give us the nitty gritty. Tell us how you catalogue or list zines in your library. Give us a step by step guide and tell us how readers can find out what zines are available in your libraries.
  • No staff or time to catalogue zines? Tell us about it, we can relate!
  • Do you use a library/records management system? Excel? How does this suit your collection/budget?
  • Not cataloguing or listing zines yet because you don’t know how? Tell us what you’d like to do and what advice you might need
  • Feel like banging your head against a wall when cataloguing manuals just don’t quite fit what zines are? What tips and tricks have you learned along the way or simply made up to fill that gap?
  • Do you use keywords or tags or subject headings to describe zines in your collection? How do you decide on these labels and can you give us any examples? Do you collaborate with zines makers to choose their own tags and labels?
  • For those struggling with Library of Congress subject headings tell us about the dream headings and keywords you would love to use but can’t.
  • Decolonise cataloguing! Queer those subject headings! No more acronyms!Tell us about the limitations of library cataloging manuals, systems, subject headings and what you would want to use instead.

We welcome contributions from everyone working with zine libraries and collections in the UK and Ireland regardless of job title, professional status, or qualification. This isn’t an academic journal. This will be produced as a zine so feel free to write in your own voice and style. You can submit writing, drawings, comics, images, anything you like.

We may edit for length or clarity but we won’t edit your words. However we will refuse any contributions featuring racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, ableist and xenophobic content. 

Contributions can be sent as a word document with images attached for us to cut and paste together. Alternatively you can format your pages yourselves and send to us as pdfs to include.

All contributors will receive a free print copy of the zine.

Please send all contributions by 30th March 2018 to



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