Zine cataloguing workshop

A few of us will be attending the ARLIS conference in July next month to present a zine cataloguing workshop. Nicola Cook and Loesja Vigour from Wellcome Library, and Holly Callaghan from Tate Library will be representing UIZL in the first of what we hope is a series of workshops/discussions/meet-ups around zine cataloguing in the UK and Ireland.

In our last meetup we discussed our goal of creating a zine cataloguing toolkit for anyone to use which would be free of library cataloguing jargon and accessible to all regardless of job title or professional status.

Our workshop will be a chance to share our experiences of cataloguing zines, the ethics of zine cataloguing, and discuss our hopes and dreams for a collaborative toolkit.

And so we want to hear from you! We’d really like to hear what your fears, concerns, issues (and successes!) are around cataloguing your zines so we can incorporate them into the workshop. And if you are coming along to the conference and would like to be more involved, let us know – the more the merrier!

You can reply via our email discussion list, our twitter, or to our email

And there’s still a bit of time to contribute to our zine on cataloguing!



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